19th & Raven

A video part compresses a long period of a scooter rider’s life into a short depiction of maneuvers they did during that period of time. The fast paced editing style demands multiple views to comprehend the bursts of skill and effort. These types of films are necessary in the community to advance the progression and perception of street riding. The component a traditional video part lacks is one of the main driving factors that influences these riders to innovate in various ways. The fragmented moments all have a story behind them. Where a rider was at in a stage of their life, influences outside of the scooter community, who they surrounded themselves with while riding, all have a prominent impact on how their riding was, is, and will be.

Unlike organized physical activities, riding a scooter is self-directed and self-motivated. This concept can be freeing to some and stressful to others. Simply put, you can do whatever you want. What some riders choose to do puts their bodies through a physical gauntlet, shocking and inspiring all demographics of viewers. They fling their carcasses from point A to point B, or obsess and attempt technical maneuvers for hours, or days. It’s not for the viewers, it’s possibly not even for themselves. The driving force that makes them do what they do comes from within, it isn’t a choice.

19th & Little Raven are the cross streets for the Denver, Colorado skate park. This is the central location that Tom Kvilhaug and Issac Miller meet, along with the group of local riders titled the CO Crew. The friendships within the CO Crew and the progressive maneuvers that Tom and Issac do, originate at this skate park. From the internal perspectives of the members in the CO Crew this location is routine and insignificant, but when an outsider examines their community as a whole it is clear that it is paramount to their communital dynamic.

Tom and Issac have the second to last part, and last part in Tilt2. The order of video parts is reserved for the ones who truly deserve it, and these two individuals did. However, what is arguably more significant than the ordering of video parts is the events that led up to the selection and creation. How these people balanced their lives of working, going to school, moving across the country, to the demanding lifestyle of being a professional scooter rider. Exploring a different formula than a traditional video part, 19th & Little Raven is a participatory documentary that investigates the unexplored aspects of these scooter riders lives.

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Tilt Selects : Glow in the Dark Continental Grips



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2015 Fall Collection

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