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Issac Miller Signature SCS LT & Legacy Colorway

Featuring a profile machined face, this SCS clamp is structurally balanced putting the material and strength where needed. Removing the shim altogether results in an overall smaller and lighter SCS – the LT. The Arc SCS LT uses the same custom bolts as the Classic SCS series with a 6mm hex key drive and 50% larger threads provide more clamping power and help keep the compression tight and bars in place. Every clamp bolt from Tilt comes with pre-applied anti-seize to prevent them from seizing to the clamp.

Designed to be the strongest and sleekest fork on the market, the Legacy uses 6061-T6 aluminum and features a unique top cap compression system. The durable 6mm drive top cap and large mating thread in the fork creates a bomb-proof compression system and eliminates the need to ever touch a star nut again. In order to add additional strength, the steerer tube is internally butted to remove stress points.

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The Tomahawk Fork was designed by Tom K using 3D design software, and Tilt is making it happen. The fork is machined out of billet 6061-T6 aluminum, and a integrated thread removes the need for a star nut. The forks also features an integrated crown race and includes the F5 axle system.

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Taking Refuge

The Midwest can get cold. Real cold. Parking lot shredding is probably unheard of for most of the scooter homies, but in the Midwest we choose to keep riding through all seasons! Ski lift like elevators and nine story descents never really gets old for us. It’s all part of the fun. Check out this personal video project by Dylan to see the life.


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